Welcome to YGE homepage,

We are a company dedicated to conceptualize, research and development product and process technology, for torrified biomass production.

Our strategy was accomplished through the development of a concept for a torrified biomass production unit, operating under efficiency, economical and sustainable standards, thus enabling the industrial applications of the product.

Energy is our market and we work to pursue on identifying other applications for torrified biomass based products.

The volatility of fossil fuels prices combined with environmental challenges that arise for its replacement create an opportunity to onset new solutions for energy production.
The use of biomass as fuel, framed on principles of sustainability, is one of the references in terms of renewable fuels.

In a context where Europe has set ambitious targets for the reduction of carbon emissions the use of biomass in power generation is essential for portfolio diversification.

It is this evolution that YGE has based its strategy of value creation through the provision of biofuel products and technological solutions for producing torrefied biomass.