YGE - Yser Green Energy, S.A.
Application Nº 18584 of 2011-02-11, Tender Notice No. 06/2010 – SI I&DT

The main purpose of this R&D project was the development of a technological process to transform biomass into torrefied biomass, thus enabling significant improvements in the energy efficiency and also environmental improvements, providing the conditions for its feasibility, at industrial scale. The torrefaction process technology enable the production of solid biofuel high calorific value, referred to as "Green Coal," a renewable fuel substitute for coal, with the same properties and applicability in industrial scale energy production.

Amounts approved in this application
- Total Investment = 3,192,073.39 Euros;
- Eligible Expenses = 615,560.50 Euros;
- Non Refundable = 332,094.53 Euros;
- Merit Score = 4.34.
- Execution:
The investment made by YGE amounted to 613,091.63 euros, corresponding to 99.60% of the eligible expenditure contracted.

YGE aims to strengthen its pioneering position in the development of biomass torrefation process, positioning itself in the international market as a supplier of integrated solutions for torrefaction and torrefied biomass pellets production, directed to companies in the energy generation and industrial sector.


YGE - Yser Green Energy, S.A.
Application No. 18068 of 2011-01-24, Tender Notice No. 04/2010 – SI Inovação

Aiming the creation of an innovative industrial unit, dedicated to producing torrefied biomass, has emerged this pioneering project based on clean production technologies, which represents a significant development in the renewable energy sector worldwide. Torrified biomass has significant advantages over traditional biomass, and the feasibility of its use in large scale involves overcoming the difficulties inherent in their use at industrial level. The main advantages include the rationalization of logistics costs and greater efficiency in the conversion into thermal energy.


Amounts approved in this application
- Total Investment = 5,928,021.29 Euros;
- Eligible Expenses = 4,363,489.35 Euros;
- Refundable = 2,829,177.88 Euros;
- Merit Score Project = 3.97.
- Execution:

The investment made by YGE amounted to 4,352,581.35 euros, corresponding to 99.75% of the eligible expenditure contracted.




World Biomass Power Markets

In May 2013 YGE attended the World Biomass Power Markets, in Amsterdam.
This participation allowed the promotion of technological developments in the torrefacion process and the manufacturing process to produce torrified biomass for energy. Also enabled the networking possibilities with players.

YGE was invited to make a presentation, which we made available here.


Stand photos:  #1 #2 #3

More info at: http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/home